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legal translation

Legal translation is the translation of language used in legal settings and for legal purposes. Legal translation may also imply that it is a specific type of translation only used in law, which is not always the case. As law is a culture-dependent subject field and its content is precise.


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We expertise in documents clearing and verification in Insolvency, commercial civil cases, legal memorandum, legal notice from notary public, Arbitration contract, legal translation (Arabic/English) documents and maps verification. Our expert and energetic restless teamwork back to back to solve and do relevant preparations of legal documents and arrangements and submission of all petitions on public prosecution and courts site. Our tenacious and persistent teamwork is strict to recover debt and we have a special team for Arbitration, our legal notice drafting is excellent in recovery.

We also take Attorney responsibility on our name to do daily needs on documents clearing and submission in government departments
Sectors we specialize in are courts, public prosecution, general headquarters, labour, economic department, immigration related documents.

We expertise in personal status and Heritage for Muslims non Muslims.
We have a very experienced team specialized in all company matters for example drafting memorandum of association and drafting invitations of general assembly meetings and drafting minutes of general assembly meetings.

All disputes between partners and shareholders and others.

We are responsible for researching and verifying documents procedure (and anything that can help to win a case) in advance so that the litigation attorney is prepared for the courtroom. Our team typically researches and provides ties in which evidence and defence is presented.

We also prepare litigation processes and gather documents in arranged preparation.

The ongoing process is monitored in strict surveillance of smart and technical typewrites.

Our secret keeping team handles investigation of maps and areas.

Debt is normal, Collection of debt is an Art.

Mustafa Esoof

Patience is an avenue to emphasize focus. Keep your focus sharp to reach your goals and create your own narrative in success.

Essof Mulla Taherali Mandsorwala
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